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Is there an objective-c git library that would support pushing to/pulling from a remote repository? I'm familiar with objective-git, but if I'm reading it correctly, it is for interaction with a local repository.

Ideally, the library would work on iOS and Mac OS X, and would be permissible for inclusion in app store apps.

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Take a look at Git.framework:

It doesn't have remote support yet, but it's on the planned feature list, so at least add it to your watch list.

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How about this objective-git? Led by @Tim Clem, it's the "official" libgit2 binding for Objective-C (It's also been used by GitHub to build their GitHub for Mac desktop client app).

carlosmn, as part of a GsoC project, is currently implementing networking features in libgit2.

Once it's done, Push/Pull will be exposed by objective-git.

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Check out libgit2 -- it is a linkable c library that could probably work for you.

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