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What is the correct command line format to have Adobe Reader open up a PDF automatically on a Symbian phone?

For example, to load an image into image viewer it would be: -

Z:\sys\bin\imageviewer.exe -file /E:\Data\image.jpg

I have tried the same for Z:\sys\bin\AdobeReader.exe, however this doesn't work. Does anyone know the correct format to use?


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If you want to open a PDF file using the platform's default PDF viewer, use e.g. CDocumentHandler's file open functionality or RApaLsSession::StartDocument(). Or is there a specific reason for invoking adobereader.exe specifically yourself?

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I have a desktop program which connects to the phone via AppTRK. You have to give it an application (for example Z:\sys\bin\AdobeReader.exe), and any command line arguments. The application will then run the command. My aim is to have the handset load Adobe Reader with a PDF file that is on the phone (ie E:\Data\file.pdf). I haven't been able to provide the arguments in the correct format thus far, and was just wondering if anyone knew what the correct format was? – Simon Oct 5 '10 at 18:47
@Simon: Hmm, a little wierd use case I think :) You can roll a wrapper exe of your own which takes whatever command line arguments you want and then uses CDocumentHandler or RApaLsSession for launching the viewer. – laalto Oct 5 '10 at 18:49

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