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I have a process which generates a data vector from a sensor.I'm using Intel Integrated Performance Primitives v5.3 update 3 for Windows on IA-32 to process it further for some calculations.I want to know if there is any c++ library which allows to plot the vector as a histogram/bar chart during data acquisition.I can write the multi-threaded code,but need information on availability of plotting functions in C++. This thing is pretty simple in MATLAB ,but I want to do it using c++ .

Suggestions are welcome !!

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As mentioned above, VTK is an open source C++ viz library. And more importantly, it is by-design parallelized. It will try and use whatever hardware you can give it.

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MathGL plotting functions can be executed in separate thread and can be parallelized by user-side.

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I use OpenInventor for scientific visualisation. It may be (in some ways) a relic of the old SGI days, but it is still being supported and works well. Regarding graphing and other scientific visualisation, look at MeshViz and other extensions from Mercury:

It has charting, vector visualisation, etc. It's quite comprehensive.

It's not free, but they do trial licenses so you can determine if it suits your needs.

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