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I need to programatically re-open an Incident/Case that has been closed. I have tried to do this by simply setting statecode & statuscode back to their starting values link text, but I still get a 'cannot perform this as entity is readonly' error.

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Using the CrmService, there are a number of SetStatus methods for the built-in entities.

For Incident, you would use SetStateIncident like this:

CrmService service = new CrmService();

SetStateIncidentRequest request = new SetStateIncidentRequest();

request.IncidentState = IncidentState.Active;
request.IncidentStatus = -1;

request.EntityId = <YOUR GUID HERE>;

SetStateIncidentResponse response = (SetStateIncidentResponse)service.Execute(request);

This code can be used in a plug-in, or other application (e.g. console app).

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