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Could more than one RFCOMM channels be created per time?

Testing method:

Create connections from Cellphone(Samsung GALAXY S) to two terminals in the PC. PC has two different bluetooth devices(build-in and USB dongle) and using different COM ports, say COM1 and COM2.


  1. Testing each connection from cellphone to different bluetooth devices in PC using SPP, separately. ----> OK, cellphone could read what PC has sent in terminal using each bluetooth device. This means PC, bluetooth device 1(BD1), bluetooth device 2(BD2) are working fine via SPP. Now, I am going to test two connections simultaneously.

  2. Establish one connection, say cellphone-> BD1. ---> OK. Cellphone could read data from terminal 1 in PC using this connection.

    2.1 Establish another connection( cellphone -> BD2). ---> OK. No exception be threw and the link was established successfully.


Once the second connection was established, what I typed in terminal 1 will be forward and received by second connection. In the other hand, no data will be received in connection 2 that was typed in terminal 2.

Discussion I paste my bug report HERE. If I were right, the blue font part is the process that establish first connection, and the black font, under the blue font, is the process to establish second connection.

The reason I doubt that "more than one RFCOMM could be established" is in the bug report, I put it as bold fonts. We could see that both of them are using "rc chan 1", does this mean they ues the same RFCOMM??

Any recommend or suggestions are very very welcome!

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There is a similar problem...posted as… – user462358 Oct 4 '10 at 17:23

had the same problem on android 2.1, try android 2.2 and you will have 2 concurrent SPP/RFCOMM sessions working correctly (with none of that crosstalk). Im trying to get 3 and above concurrent connections up and running here on a Galaxy S phone (to 3 SPP slave devices) but it isnt connecting any more than 2 devices. Anyone know where this limit is being enforced? The straight BlueZ stack doesnt have this limitation.


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