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I need your help! I have a jsf app, which now have 2 versions - one for mobile and one for desktop browsers. The pages for desktop lie in folder /html, and for mobile - /html/mobile. I want one outcome decide what exactly pages to show - from /html or from /html/mobile.
I create session attribute isMobileBrowser - which indicates what browser I have.

 Boolean isMobileBrowser = (Boolean) session.getAttribute("isMobileBrowser");
  if (isMobileBrowser == null) {
 Enumeration e = req.getHeaders("user-agent");
while(e.hasMoreElements()) {
 String str = e.nextElement().toString().toLowerCase();
 if (str.indexOf("mobile") != -1) {
  isMobileBrowser = new Boolean(true);
  System.out.println("MOBILE BROWSER");
 } else {
  isMobileBrowser = new Boolean(false);
  System.out.println("STANDARD BROWSER");
 session.setAttribute("isMobileBrowser", isMobileBrowser);


And now I want somethin like that:

                    // if mobile
                      // if desktop

How I can do it better. I find out NavigationHandler, but dont understand how it works. I also try with conditions in xml - but I dont think they work (I use jsf 2.0).

Any help will be greate! Thanks!

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If you are using jsf2.0 the you can use a value expression for . See ch. in the JSF 2.0 spec.

If using Jsf1.2 then you have to Implement a custom ViewHandler. See how-to-make-jsf-navigation-rules-more-dynamic

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