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Can you capture events from the 5-way keypad of a device using Opera Mini using Javascript? (My guess is the answer is no, but I figured I'd ask anyway)

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Kinda makes me wish they'd include this in the HTML5 spec though. Oh well maybe HTML6 in 20 years or so will have it. –  leeand00 Nov 12 '10 at 21:35

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I'd say no, because Opera says on their dev site that they don't support client side javascript after the page is loaded:

There are a few more caveats specific to Opera Mini 5 that developers need to be aware of: The majority of JavaScript that is triggered onload should work just fine, except in cases where those scripts require asynchronous operations. JavaScript won't run client-side (for instance in response to user interaction) once the page has finished loading. Plug-ins, such as Adobe Flash, are not supported.

Source: Opera Mini 5 specs

Still, Opera Mini does support other Javascript actions, but they all get executed on the server.

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