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On the sun Website, there have download options for windows, solaris, and linux.


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Check this page - http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/setup-138642.html

JMF 2.1.1 -- A cross-platform version of JMF for Java clients. To set up on a Java client, you need to download the Cross-platform Java install package, which contains only Java bytecodes (no native code). Note the Java Sound API reference implementation is not included with the cross-platform version of JMF.

Select any platform and proceed to their page.... there you will get a link for a Cross-platform Java version jmf-2_1_1e-alljava.zip

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There is an open-source framework called fmj. It supports linux, windows and mac. I gathered good experiences with this framework.


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Is that copyleft? It has the LGPL license, and I'm not sure about LGPL... they make those things so wordy –  NullVoxPopuli Oct 4 '10 at 21:18
Yes, it is. The difference between GPL and LGPL is that you can use your own license for your software using LGPL-libs. If you use GPL-software you have to use also the GPL for your software. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Lesser_General_Public_License –  Till Oct 4 '10 at 23:24
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