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I have a question below is a list with the anchor links now when the links are clicked I dont want the browser to go to that web page instead I want the browser to stay on the current page and display the list in an alert box to the user. I know this can be done with javascript maybe with the onclick event on the list item and display an alert box but how do I stop the browser to go that webpage.

 <ul id='list_o_links'>
    <li><a href=''>List Item1</a></li>
    <li><a href=''>List Item2</a></li>
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You stop the browser from going to the link destination by calling event.preventDefault() or returning false in the bound event handler. I think the first is more explicit:

var alert_instead_of_following_link = function (event) {

$("#list_o_links a").bind("click", alert_instead_of_following_link);
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incidentally, it doesn't matter whether you include preventDefault() as the first, last, or middle line of the function. return false must be last, since it stops (returns from) the function. – Peter Ajtai Oct 4 '10 at 20:55
$("#list_o_links").children().click(function () {
    var list = [];

    $.map($("#list_o_links").children(), function (elem) {
        list.push($(elem).text()); // take the text of each list item

    alert(list.join(', '));

    return false; // stop the browser from going to the link

jsfiddle example

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I find .each() is simpler to use when possible: $("ul#list_o_links").children().each(function() { list.push($(this).text()); }); – Peter Ajtai Oct 4 '10 at 21:09

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