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The followings are ok now:

  • I have a multi-module project in maven with EJB and WAR projects
  • I want to use JMeter (and later selenium) for integration testing. I can run both from Maven. The JMeter plan is ready, I run it with Chronos maven plugin.
  • My application is a Java EE application, so I want to test the code with the planned production aplication server, which is Glassfish 2.11. I can create/start/deploy/stop and anything like that with glassfish maven plugin
  • I have put jmeter and glassfish related build settings into a submodule in maven, which is dependent on all of the other modules, so in build lifecycle it is the least, and for this reason a good point to test the whole application

My problem is, that how can I reach the followings:

  • deploy NOT instrumented code, but run integration tests on instrumented one
  • how to get coverage info from application server
  • I wanted to use emma4it which was created to instrument artifacts. It would be good for me, but i cannot make it instrument the war file in the other submodule. I do not even know anything about the supported arguments of emma4it, since I did not find it at all (just a binary in repository), no documentation and no source (I know I can decompile it)
  • I want to have a coverage raport at least in maven site, but the top would be to have it in Sonar

Could you give me advice, how to do this? I can provide POM snippets if you need it.

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FINALLY. The solution arrived. See at

I currently try to do it.

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Works like it should – Gábor Lipták Nov 4 '10 at 20:36

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