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I try to get the following working:

I have a form containing selectboxes and inputs. There are two buttons on top of the virtual keyboard - "next" and "previous". Navigating through the input fields works. When I reach a selectbox (by pressing "next"), the keyboard stays and the selectbox shows its items. When I select an item by tapping on an item of the selectbox, the element is selected and the keyboard disappears.

That's not what I want. I want the next input or selectbox to be focused or the keyboard to stay.

I read (and tested) that the focus event does not work. Is it possible to get this running by a workaround?


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then assign the first responder to the next ui element and the keyboard will remain visible. You should do this in the code that accepts the input from the selectbox.

I am speculating, since there is no code included in the question, but I think the suggested approach should work

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Hi! I do not fully understand what you wrote. What do you mean with "first responder"? – eventhorizon Oct 5 '10 at 6:52
@eventhorizon is referring to HTML pages, not a native application. – apchester May 12 '11 at 13:12

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