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Does apple need to approve both of my lite and full versions separately? So if the approval process takes 2 weeks for an app. Do I expect it to take 4 weeks. Or do they usually review them both at the same time, or what? These are two separate apps (uploads) as I understand it?

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You need to make two separate apps. (or, you can unlock features using in-app purchasing, I think). Apple needs to approve both.

It's not that reviewing takes two weeks. If you submit an app, they are put into Apple's secret queue. That queue contains almost all apps submitted by all the developers. It'll be there for a week or so while other apps in the queue are reviewed by Apple. Then it gets reviewed, which takes a day or something.

If you submit two apps, you just put two apps to the queue. So, it'll take longer, but not twice as long.

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