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Does anyone have an example of uploading a file to the server using ringojs?

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There's a simple upload example in the demo app, but it stores uploads in-memory which is not a good idea for most apps. To save uploads to a temporary file you'll currently have to do something like this (this is a modified version of the upload demo action):

var fu = require("ringo/webapp/fileupload");

function upload(req) {
    if (fu.isFileUpload(req.contentType)) {
        var params = {};
        fu.parseFileUpload(req, params, req.charset, fu.TempFileFactory);
        return {
            status: 200,
            headers: {"Content-Type": "text/plain"},
            body: [, " saved to ", params.file.tempfile]
    return'skins/upload.txt'), {
        title: "File Upload"

Unfortunately, there was a bug with saving uploads to temp files that I just fixed, so you'll have to use a current git snapshot or patch file modules/ringo/webapp/fileupload.js manually:

We also need some high level way of doing this for the next release (e.g. setting a req.uploadTempDir property). I'll open an issue for this.

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