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Is there a django.contrib.admin like app / module for cherrypy?
I really like the simplicity of cherrypy, but it would be nice, to have the user authentication and password management type things taken care of...
Or is it possible to run a cherrypy application behind the django admin app ?

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Django admin is much more, but is bound to Models. Without them, You will not gain much and as there is no such concept in CherryPy, I doubt there is similar application.

However, Django admin is phpmyadmin for masses exploited. Don't be constrained by it and create much more usable admin apps, leveraging CherryPy simplicity ^_^

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There is no database backend in CherryPy so there cannot be any Admin-interface for it.

But you can use any database backend with CherryPy.

For example you could use CouchDB. It has an admin interface called Futon. Futon is of course somewhat low level compared to Django Admin/Models.

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