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When trying to open any graph on Nagios throws below error:

Nagiosgraph has detected an error in the configuration file: /etc/nagios/nagiosgraph/nagiosgraph.conf Log: /var/log/nagios/nagiosgraph.log failed to open!

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make sure that permissions are set properly on /var/log/nagios

the www (or www-data or apache) user must have write permission.

one approach is to make a group called nagcmd and put the www user into this group.

then set permissions:

chown nagios.nagcmd /var/log/nagios
chown nagios.www /var/log/nagios/nagiosgraph.log
chmod 775 /var/log/nagios
chmod 664 /var/log/nagios/nagiosgraph.log

another approach is to keep separate log files, one for data collection (nagiosgraph.log) and another for graphing (nagiosgraph-cgi.log). see nagiosgraph.conf for details.

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