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I am using QCSS stylesheets in QT to skin several buttons with images from the QT resource system:

  background-image: url(images:DialogButtonTitle_SaveAsNew.png);

This works great, but I would really like to write a warning to our logs if the image file referenced from the CSS could not be found (and the button is thus naked). Any way to catch such errors?

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I believe you can do it like this:

Haven't tested, but I think it should work. Code:

bool MyEngine::open(QIODevice::OpenMode mode)
    bool r = QFSFileEngine::open(mode);
    if (!r) {
        qWarning() << "Failed to open" << fileName();
    return r;

QAbstractFileEngine *MyEngineHandler::create(const QString &fileName) const
     return fileName.startsWith("images:") ? new MyEngine(fileName) : 0;


This will not work. The resource file system, “:”, is handled by a private file engine called QResourceFileEngine, not by QFSFileEngine.

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Thanks! Good solution. Will give it a spin! – Christopher Oezbek Oct 7 '10 at 8:57
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Based on @andref answer, I came up with this, which works for me (TM):

class LoggingEngineHandler : public QAbstractFileEngineHandler
  : QAbstractFileEngineHandler()
  , m_lookUpInProgress(false)
  , m_lookUpPaths(QRegExp("^(images|meshes|app|sounds):"))
    // empty

  QAbstractFileEngine* create(const QString &fileName) const override
    if (!fileName.contains(m_lookUpPaths))
      return 0;

    if (m_lookUpInProgress)
      return 0;

    m_lookUpInProgress = true;
    QFileInfo info = QFileInfo(fileName);
    m_lookUpInProgress = false;

    if (!info.exists())
      LOG_WARN("Required resource file does not exist: %1%", QUtil_s(fileName));

    return 0;
  mutable bool m_lookUpInProgress;

  QRegExp m_lookUpPaths;
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Cool. That's a clever trick. – andref Jul 10 '12 at 13:17
Sorry for the dumb question but why do you need the m_lookUpInProgress? Does the QFileInfo access need to be guarded? – nonsensickle Mar 30 at 3:19
Otherwise you get an infinite recursion... – Christopher Oezbek Mar 30 at 13:07
Ah, now that makes sense. Is this thread-safe? – nonsensickle Apr 8 at 3:37

It's possible that Qt will call one of their message functions when something like this happens (although I don't know for sure). If it does, you could install a message handler function and append some or all of the messages to your log file. There is some information about doing so in the documentation for qInstallMsgHandler.

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I don't know... There is already a default handler in place that prints to the standard output. If no message appears on the console, Qt is probably not writing it to begin with. – andref Oct 6 '10 at 18:50
Yes, the message handler does not help in this particular situation. – Christopher Oezbek Oct 7 '10 at 8:56

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