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Every now and then when I build my solution here (with 7 projects in it) I get the dreaded 'Command copy exited with code 4' error, in Visual Studio 2010 Premium ed.

This is because of the post-build event not being able to go through.

Here's what solves the problem, temporarily

  • Sometimes: A restart of Visual Studio and I'm able to build the solution
  • Sometimes: Both a restart of Visual Studio and my file manager of choice (Q-Dir 4.37) solves it.

Here's what the post-build event looks like:

xcopy "$(SolutionDir)Solution Items\References\*.dll" "$(TargetDir)" /Y

When you get the command copy exited with code [insert value] error, it's normally because of the following:

  • read / write permissions
  • missing files
  • wrong directories

However - obviously at times when I build the solution, there's no problem.

FYI, I uninstalled ReSharper 5.1.1 two weeks ago and Visual Studio's been giving me some errors since then (among them not being able to debug). I re-installed Visual Studio and it's working better since then, but still get this problem. Could it have to do with some ReSharper stuff being somewhere?

Have you had the same problem and solved it? Or do you have any possible solution to it?


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I've invariably found this to be a file locking issue. Code 4 is Cannot Access File. One partial solution I found is to use the /C option for xcopy (which continues on error). Not really a solution but mostly it has stopped my builds from failing.

Another solution which only works on 32 bit is to use the unlocker tool to release the windows handles on the file before the copy.

Edit: I've just realised that it works under 64 bits too.

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I added the /C option to above xcopy command and the build succeded. Thanks! Unlocker is invaluable at times. – Martin S. Oct 5 '10 at 8:11
I had this issue because one of the files was read-only. Once I changed that, it worked. – Bob Horn Jan 4 '13 at 15:10
I can also attest that this problem is solved by removing read only permission to offending files. We have an external bin folder that was causing the issue described. Once I removed the read-only attribute, the error dissappeared when trying to build the solution. – eniacAvenger Dec 12 '14 at 17:24
Can somebody show the full xcopy.. – Ziggler May 22 '15 at 18:48
This unlocker you're pointing to is detected as a virus by just about everything. (google safe browse stuff, eset, virustotal...). seems to be a discussion about it here – v.oddou Jul 3 '15 at 5:45

While /C may ignore errors, it might not be the real solution as there could be files that MUST be copied in order for the build to be successful.

The most common issue is the missing quotes around the pre-defined command tags (such as $TargetDir). When one creates various branches and paths in code or TFS, there is a very high chance for this to occur.

Sometimes if the file is read only, it will cause issues too. Add the /R option to allow read only files to be copied over. You can find list of available options at:

Another possible issue is that the underlying folder cannot be accessed. If so, trying performing "start xcopy" instead of "xcopy". This will open another command window but with admin priveleges.

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'start' fixed it for me...from other forums this seems to be a permissions issue which 'start' resolves, even though the destination has FullControl for 'Everyone' on my box. Also, you can run 'start /MIN xcopy...' to minimize the window flicker – mdisibio Jul 19 '11 at 18:18
I changed c:\windows\system32\xcopy.exe $(TargetPath) <destination path> to c:\windows\system32\xcopy.exe "$(TargetPath)" <destination path> and have no problems in the last 50+ builds. – pennyrave Jan 18 '12 at 17:53
'start' is a magic word :) – besworland Jun 25 '12 at 11:33
I've used "$(OutDir)$(TargetFileName)", changing it to "$(TargetPath)" solves the issue. As does using 'start'! – surfen Jan 3 '13 at 1:21
'start xcopy' worked perfectly for me. Thanks. – user1632018 Mar 4 '13 at 18:29

I crossed the same error, but it is not due to the file is locked,but the file is missing.

The reason why VS tried to copy an not existing file ,is becaused of the Post-build event command.

After I cleared that, problem solved.


As @rhughes commented, "

The real issue is how to get the command here to work, rather than to remove it.

" he is absolutely right.

enter image description here

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If you were copying a file during post-build, chances are the reason is because you have entered a command here. The real issue is how to get the command here to work, rather than to remove it. – rhughes Nov 21 '13 at 12:49
@rhughes I agree with you. hence I updated my answer. Thanks – ValidfroM Nov 21 '13 at 14:11

In case the post build event contains copy/xcopy command for copying build output to some directory(which usually is the most common post build operation) the problem can occur in case the full directory path either of source or target destinations contain folder names which include spaces. Remove space for the directory name(s) and try.

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As mentioned in many sites, there are various reasons for this. For me it was due to the length of Source and Destination (Path length). I tried xcopy in the command prompt and I was unable to type the complete source and path (after some characters it wont allow you to type). I then reduced the path length and was able to run. Hope this helps.

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This can happen in multiple cases:

  1. When the complete string is big, more than 254 chars.
  2. When the name of the file to be copied is wrong
  3. When the target path wrong.
  4. When the readonly attribute is set on the copied file or target folder.
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I have also faced this problem.Double check the result in the error window.

In my case, a tailing \ was crashing xcopy (as I was using $(TargetDir)). In my case $(SolutionDir)..\bin. If you're using any other output, this needs to be adjusted.

Also note that start xcopy does not fix it, if the error is gone after compiling. It might have just been suppressed by the command line and no file has actually been copied!

You can btw manually execute your xcopy commands in a command shell. You will get more details when executing them there, pointing you in the right direction.

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I got this error because of the file was opened in another instance.

when i closed the file and again re-build the solution, it was successfully copied.

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I had the same problem. A simple 'Clean Solution' in VS cleared the error, but it was a temporary solution.

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I am getting this problem and "Clean Solution" did not help me. Does "Clean Solution" work for you every time? – jmsmcfrlnd Mar 8 '12 at 20:33
didn't work for me too. – Hooman Yar Mar 1 at 15:58

Run VS in Administrator mode and it should work fine.

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I am running VS as Administrator but this did not work for me. – Arafat Aug 6 '14 at 10:06

I faced the same issue in case of XCOPY after build is done. In my case the issue was happening because of READ-ONLY permissions set on folders.

I added attrib -R command before XCOPY and it solved the issue.

Hope it helps someone!

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I had the same error with xcopy in connection with the Test Engine. I am using VisualStudio Professional 2013. By default Test -> Test Settings -> Keep Test Execution Engine Running seems to be the reason for my error code 4 with xcopy. Switching it off solved the problem. The execution engine seems to keep hold on some .dlls.

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I got this error because the user account that TFS Build Service was running under did not have permissions to write to the destination folder. Right-click on the folder-->Properties-->Security.

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Hats off to "Tangodancer" and or "Abdul Rahman". Right-click on the folder-->Properties-->Security solved the problem for me on a stand alone XP SP3 system Thank YOU – user2597301 Oct 9 '13 at 19:54

I found that setting the file's Copy To Output Directory parameter to Copy Always seems to have cleared up the locking issue. Although now I have 2 copies of the files and need to delete one.

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I had the same problem. However, nothing worked for me. I solved the issue by adding

exit 0

to my code. The problem was that while I was doing copying of the files, sometimes the last file could not be found, and the bat returned a non-zero value.

Hope this helps someone!

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If you are running Windows 7 onward, you can try the new 'robocopy' command:

robocopy "$(SolutionDir)Solution Items\References\*.dll" "$(TargetDir)"

More information about robocopy can be found here.

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I faced same issue. I deleted post-build events and it started working. Some times when we add some SQL components it may add post build commands also.

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I am getting something similar using an xcopy with the /exclude option. In my case, I found that editing the post-build event (something harmless like a newline after the command) and saving the project causes the error to happen. Re-saving the file specified in the /exclude option causes it to work again.

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As I am writing a DLL library I used the xcopy command to copy the library where the program can find and load it. After several times of opening and closing the program there was still an open process of it in taskmanager which i did not recognized.

Look for any process from which the file may be used and close it.

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What fixed it for me: dig down to the specific solution for the project you want i.e NOT the overall solution file for all the projects.

Do try - I tried everything else mentioned here but to no avail.

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