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Currently on some operations I have to delete the old data and insert new one. But I noticed that inspite of deleting data the identity column did not reset and continued from its last max value. So i used the DBCC CheckIdent for achieve the same all this is taking place within a trasaction. Can i rollback the transaction back to the intital state ? Would the DBCC CHECKIDENT pose any problems ? Kindly guide...

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The test code below shows that the DBCC action can be rolled back:

create table #t
(id int identity, val1 int)

insert #t (val1)
values (1),(2),(3)

select MAX(id) AS before from #t

begin tran 

    delete #t

    dbcc checkident (#t, reseed,0)

    select MAX(id) AS inside_tran from #t   


select MAX(id) as after_rollback from #t
dbcc checkident (#t, noreseed)
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IMHO, this code doesn't prove that identity value was rollbacked. It only shows rollback of rows deletion from #t. –  VladV Oct 5 '10 at 7:49
@VladV - edited to address your observation –  Ed Harper Oct 5 '10 at 8:19

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