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I have a zend form instantiated

$form = Form_Example();

Now I want to pass an ID from my controller to my form.

So I did this:

$form = Form_Example(array('id' => $id));

Inside the form I try to call it through:


But it isn't there.

Anybody knows how to get that id into the form?


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i think this link help… – Haim Evgi Oct 5 '10 at 11:28
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Make sure you have setter for the the element, in your case public function setId($id). Zend_Form constructor checks if setter method exists for the property, if it exists then it is called, otherwise it sets the attribute of the form, see setAttrib($key, $value).

The end result will be something like this

class Application_Form_YourForm extends Zend_Form {

     * Id
     * @var <type> 
    protected $_id = null;

     * Setter for ID
     * @param <type> $id 
    public function setId($id){
        $this->_id = $id;

    // Rest of your code...
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Simple solution to a seemingly complicated issue. Thank you! – Alexis Dufrenoy Apr 14 '14 at 15:06

You should be able to access the id property inside the form with

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