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How to subtract two time values in sql server 2008.I am using time variables in stored procedure.

please help

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You can use DATEDIFF():

SELECT DATEDIFF(Day, startDate, endDate)
  FROM table

  FROM table
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for using DATEDIFF() varible should be in datetime? – Vyas Dev Oct 5 '10 at 11:21
@Vyas What datatype do you have? – NullUserException Oct 5 '10 at 11:23
datatype is time – Vyas Dev Oct 5 '10 at 11:25
@Vyas - It works for time datatype - e.g. SELECT DATEDIFF(Second, CAST('11:24:18.3500000' as time),CAST('12:24:18.3500000' as time)) – Martin Smith Oct 5 '10 at 11:25
According to MSDN documentation (found at the last two parameters are "an expression that can be resolved to a time, date, smalldatetime, datetime, datetime2, or datetimeoffset value." – Emil Badh Oct 5 '10 at 11:26
DECLARE @END TIME = '16:00:00.0000000' ,    
     @START TIME = '01:00:00.0000000'
     SELECT convert(TIME,dateadd(ms,DateDiff(ss, @START, @END )*1000,0),114)
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following expression works for me

declare @starttime Time, @endtime Time
set @starttime='18:45'
set @endtime='22:45'
select DATEDIFF(HH,@starttime, @endtime)

output: 4

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