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Let's say I have a Task object which can be dependent on other Tasks. Is there a way to sensibly eager/joinedload all of a given set of task's subtasks?

class Task(DeclarativeBase):
    __tablename__ = 'task'

    task_id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True)
    name = Column(String, unique=True)

    def add_dependencies(self, *tasks):
        for task in tasks:
            TaskDependency(dependent=self, dependency=task)
        return self

    def dependencies(self):
        return [x.dependency for x in self.dependency_edges]

    def dependencies(self, what):
        "Note: adds dependencies, doesn't remove them" 

    def dependents(self):
        return [x.dependent for x in self.dependent_edges]

class TaskDependency(DeclarativeBase):
    __tablename__ = 'task_dependency'

    dependent_id = Column(Integer, ForeignKey(Task.task_id), primary_key=True)                        
    dependency_id = Column(Integer, ForeignKey(Task.task_id), primary_key=True)

    dependent = relationship(Task, primaryjoin=dependent_id == Task.task_id, 

    dependency = relationship(Task, primaryjoin=dependency_id == Task.task_id, 

def example_task_maker():
    make_cheese = Task(

def load_task()
    # How to eagerly load the whole task tree here?
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Ah. What I was actually after was an adjacency list, of which there are examples to be found here, which I missed:

I believe this will do what I was after.

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