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Is it possible to use bookmarks in calculations on Mac?

I have the following working on word 2007 on PC:

"=SUM(ABOVE)" <- and this cell have bookmark called "thesum"

then in the cell under I have "=thesum * 0,25" <- this cell have a bookmark called "mva"

then in the cell under again, I have "=mva+thesum"

This works on PC but when I try it on Mac running word 2008 I get a syntax error in the fields doing calculations with the bookmarks.

Any ideas/ suggestions on how to solve this?

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Found the answer. Bookmarks works just great, the thing was that the Mac running word 2008 had another decimal separator than the PC running word 2007.

My mac used . as decimal seperator when my PC used ,

That's why I got the syntax error if anyone is wondering about this.

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