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By using the regular selector, I am able to select the grand parent of an input text field (which is a element actually), and via .next() I selected the next row.

var nextOne = $(this).parent().parent().next();

From this next ro, I want to select the an input text field which is a ".foo", which is a grandchild of this row.

How can this be achieved?

Edit: Each row is in such html format:

    <td  ><input alt="time" type="text" class="timefield start_time"/></td>
    <td  ><input alt="time" type="text" class="timefield end_time"/></td>
    <td  ><input type="text" class="programnamefield"/></td>                

And the method that chekcs if an end_time field is filled, if so, change the start_time of the next row as the end_time of the previous. And vice versa.

function autoCompleteTimes(){
        var nextOne = $(this).parent().parent().next();
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you can use find method (if the is deep in dom tree) or children (if is one level deep) with selector




to change times of nex row input field

var end_time = nextOne.find('.end_time').val()
if (end_time != '') {
   // end_time is filled'.start_time').val(end_time);
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By applying the grandparent/next row object you have selected as the scope

var nextOne = $(this).parent().parent().next();

var nextFoo = $('.foo', nextOne);

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you can use the following code:


Hope this will help you :)

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