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I am using solr server (linux) and sometimes it stops automatically. Can somebody please tell me where i can find the log files?

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depends on how it was configured. – Mauricio Scheffer Oct 5 '10 at 15:54
How do you start Solr? Are you using the start.jar in the example folder? – Pascal Dimassimo Oct 5 '10 at 16:30

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if you are using start.jar in example directory, there is a logs directory under example

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I am using start.jar in example directory and the logs directory is empty even after I have used the search and gotten error messages in the browser. – beth May 14 at 17:24

By default, Solr log messages will be written to server/logs/solr.log and to stdout (console).

Check filed under your Solr root/resources and set the solr.log property to the location where you want Solr to write log files.

Solr also provides logging UI via web. Logging UI is available under Logging menu item, e.g.:


. Additional documentation can be found here: Configuring Logging.

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If you're using Tomcat:


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