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My new PC is Dell Inspiron 580s which is a x64 machine. Before which I used to code in TURBO C++ in my x86 machine.

Since I was unable to run TURBO C++ in the new system. I installed NetBeans 6 IDE for which we need to install the compiler (CYGWIN) manually and so I did. But I'm unable to code in NetBeans.

After lots of search I heard of C-Free. which uses MinGW Compiler. I installed it but it too doesn't work.

Please help me setup a 'C' coding environment.

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Do you have more details? What did you do that didn't work? What error messages did you see? What happened when you tried to compile the classic Hello, World! example? Did you get that far? –  Dave Jarvis Oct 5 '10 at 14:57

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I'm currently on a x64 machine (Windows 7). Netbeans with MingW-gcc/g++ works fine for me. Also, Visual Studio 2010 works with no problems.

This might help you: http://forums.netbeans.org/topic8393.html

And: http://netbeans.org/community/releases/68/cpp-setup-instructions.html#compilers_windows

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