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When I want setting numerical value +1 in mysql table, I use e.g.:

UPDATE table SET number=number+1 WHEN ...

How can I set date + one year?


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You could use DATE_ADD : (or ADDDATE with INTERVAL)

UPDATE table SET date = DATE_ADD(date, INTERVAL 1 YEAR) 
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Cleaver answer, no body would think –  nerkn Oct 21 '13 at 9:27

This post helped me today, but I had to experiment to do what I needed. Here is what I found.

Should you want to add more complex time periods, for example 1 year and 15 days, you can use

UPDATE tablename SET datefieldname = curdate() + INTERVAL 15 DAY + INTERVAL 1 YEAR;

I found that using DATE_ADD doesn't allow for adding more than one interval. And there is no YEAR_DAYS interval keyword, though there are others that combine time periods. If you are adding times, use now() rather than curdate().

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