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I'm developing an application and I'm going to deploy it with the help of a deployment project (which is gonna create an installer).

At one step in the installer, it will allow the user to change the installation folder for the application.

I need to know what this folder is because there will be some files saved there that I need to use from another DLL file. How can I programmatically get this installation folder?

Thank you!

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Take a look at the Installer class. Add a new class derived from this class to your application's project. Don't forget to apply the RunInstaller attribute.

In your deployment project, add a Custom Action for Install and Commit. For the CustomActionData property for the Install custom action, enter /Targetdir="[TARGETDIR]\".

In your Installer class that you created in the application's project, override the Install method, and in this method you can get the installation directory like this:

string targetDir = Context.Parameters[ "TargetDir" ];
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Thanks, your answer helped me a lot! –  Andrei Oct 6 '10 at 11:49

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