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I've been looking around and trying to find a way to click on a link in selenium that's matched by a regexp.

Here is the code that works;

from selenium import selenium
sel = selenium("localhost", 4444, "*chrome", "")
sel.type("search_term", "20032207[uid]")"search")"linkout-icon-unknown-vir_full")

However if I search across different IDs the link-text will be different but it always matches the regexp linkout-icon[\w-_]*.

But I can't seem to find the right command for clicking a link which matches a regexp ... I've tried:'link=regex:linkout-icon[\w-_]*')'regex:linkout-icon[\w-_]*')'link=regexp:linkout-icon[\w-_]*')'regexp:linkout-icon[\w-_]*')

But none of them seem to work at all. Any suggestions?


So after comments in an answer below: The clicked item is actually an image with the id=linkout-icon-unknown-viro_full. The full line is below:

<a href=";pmid=20032207" ref="PrId=3051&amp;itool=Abstract-def&amp;uid=20032207&amp;nlmid=0077340&amp;db=pubmed&amp;log$=linkouticon" target="_blank"><img alt="Click here to read" id="linkout-icon-unknown-vir_full" border="0" src="" /></a> </div>

If your wondering I got the code from the Selenium IDE recorder.

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up vote 2 down vote accepted can take an XPath as an argument. Using Firebug I found (what I believe is) the XPath to "linkout-icon-unknown-vir_full" link:"//*[@id='linkout-icon-unknown-vir_full']")

Using the above command takes me to this page.

I wasn't able to get matches to work -- I'm not sure why -- but this seems to work using contains:

sel = selenium.selenium("localhost", 4444, "*firefox", "")
sel.type("search_term", "20032207[uid]")"search")
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Right idea but I need a regexp since I'm going to be taking these from lists of searches. For different searches I'll need to match different links. – JudoWill Oct 5 '10 at 18:06

I think you are very close. First, regexp: is the right text pattern for saying you want to use a regular expression.

The other thing that probably isn't quite right is saying link=, as that refers to the text of the link, i.e.:

<a href="path/to/mylink">Text of the link, this is what will be searched</a>

So what part of the anchor do you want to use your regular expression on, the href?

Something that might lead towards the right answer is this:

Maybe that get function could be repurposed to search all a.href properties for your regexp and then return the XPath of each of them to then be fed to click()

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After doing some hacking around I've come up with probably the most asinine way to do it but it works until someone can provide me with a better answer:

import re
val = re.findall('linkout-icon-unknown[\w-]*', sel.get_html_source())[0]

It requires me to search the entire html and will likely come up with issues if the design changes.

I'd love to see a more robust method.

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