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Right now i am storing files in public folder.

After that i want to upload those file from public folder to another application which providing services for document management.

To upload document to another application. They provided link, username and password .

Like http://demo.testltd.com/V12345/search.aspx?username=test1&password=test2

How may i upload file from my public directory to the specific application ? Any help ?

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Hi Try RestClient


I was sending data that I got from form

RestClient.post(server_path+"users",:user=>{ ... ,
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i have tried RestClient but getting this error .. stackoverflow.com/questions/3865313/… –  krunal shah Oct 6 '10 at 13:23
Try to create new file inside your action with some simple filename and copy data into it from original file In the end of the action delete it –  Bohdan Oct 6 '10 at 15:38

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