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I have a shell program that sends output to standard out and standard error. I am trying to write a program in VB.net which inspects the output in real time and presents summarized information in a GUI. I also want the shell program to continue to display its output in a command prompt as usual. I don't want to just shove the output in a text box because then it seems to lose its color formatting.

I have written code to inspect the output, and it works, but it has the side effect of eliminating the output in the shell window. Here is the code I use to begin redirecting output:

Dim info As New ProcessStartInfo()
info.FileName = "foo.bat"
info.UseShellExecute = False
info.RedirectStandardError = True
info.RedirectStandardOutput = True
revProcess = Process.Start(info)

And then I have handlers for revProcess.OutputDataReceived, etc. to do my analysis.

Edit: Looks like there was another question for this, but the answers didn't go anywhere: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2453366/capture-and-display-console-output-at-the-same-time sorry for the repost.

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you can use this 100% works but it will only show you the results.....

[how to show shell results in vb.net] 'create 1 textbox1 'create 1 button1 'create 1 richtextbox1

'in the start up directory of this program make a file could 123.text

Dim read As System.IO.StreamReader read = File.OpenText(Application.StartupPath & "\123.text")

    Shell("cmd.exe /c" & TextBox1.Text + ">123.text")
    Do Until read.EndOfStream
        RichTextBox1.Text = read.ReadLine & vbCrLf

also code from this link: mediafire.c(o)m/?3i47vg8seani3­j3 or: pastebin.c(o)m/iEhv61jG

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