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Is there a utility that can take ALL the SO's that an Elf needs turn them into static then converts the Elf to be SO's free?

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Here are some projects you might find useful:

  • Statifier (basically does what you want)
  • ERESI (might do what you want, also allows for analysis of ELF targets)

NOTE: I've not used either application myself.

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Statifier is an option. Another option is Ermine. While Ermine is commercial it behaves better than statifier on systems with memory randomization.

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I've used Statifier as mentioned by codelogic.

It worked well for several Linux commands like ethtool.

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You can link with -static at compile time. Are you looking to do this post-compile?

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could you recommend anything to do post-compile? –  mustafa Oct 13 '11 at 8:29

Probably not, though in theory, no doubt, it could be done.

One aspect to be aware of - the typical program will not be using all the code from a given SO, so blindly including all the material in each SO would give you a grotesquely bloated executable. A classic static link only includes that which is needed.

Another aspect to be aware of would be C++ template instantiation. I assume that these would mainly appear in the executable already (not as part of an SO).

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