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I'm getting the error

client found response content type of '' but expected 'text xml' The request failed with an empty response.

when I try to execute the following code.

//create a PDF from the SQL report
ReportViewer rview = new ReportViewer();

rview.ServerReport.ReportServerUrl = new Uri("http://server/ReportServer$MSSQL2K5?");

List<ReportParameter> paramList = new List<ReportParameter>();
paramList.Add(new Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter("Batch", "1"));
paramList.Add(new Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter("InvoiceNo", "0"));
rview.ServerReport.ReportPath = "Report/Report Invoice";


string mimeType, encoding, extension, deviceInfo;
string[] streamids;
Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.Warning[] warnings;
string format = "PDF"; //Desired format goes here (PDF, Excel, or Image)             

deviceInfo =
"<DeviceInfo>" +
"<SimplePageHeaders>True</SimplePageHeaders>" +

byte[] bytes = rview.LocalReport.Render(format, deviceInfo, out mimeType, out encoding, out extension, out streamids, out warnings);

The error occurs on the line:


The address is correct as I can load the report fine via a web browser:

this.webBrowser1.Navigate("http://server/ReportServer$MSSQL2K5?/Report/Report Invoice&Batch=1&InvoiceNo=0");

I need to load the report with the report viewer so I can export as PDF.

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Try setting the Uri to the full service uri, eg:

new Uri("http://server/ReportServer$MSSQL2K5/reportservice2005.asmx?")

Additionally, do you need the trailing ?? I'm not sure, but wouldn't it be appended if needed by SetParameters?

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I tried your suggestion which didn't quite work but rview.ServerReport.ReportServerUrl = new Uri("devserver/ReportServer$MSSQL2K5/ReportExecution2005.asmx?"); works perfect! Thanks for your help! – WillMcKill Oct 6 '10 at 10:59

In my case this error was caused by the SSRS server running out of hard drive space.

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