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How might i get the size of the contents of a zip/rar/7z file after full extraction? Under both windows and linux. I thought about using 7z l filename command but i dont like the idea of the filename interfering with the code counting the size of each file.

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I don't quite get what you mean by the "filename interfering with the code counting the size of each file", but if you are going for a machine-readable format, you might be interested in the -slt command line option. – AndreKR Jan 3 '14 at 1:59

This doesn't solve your filename problem, but may be good enough for others and myself (in cygwin):

/cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/7-Zip/7z.exe l filename.zip | grep -e "files,.*folders" | awk '{printf $1}'
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The command line version of 7zip, 7z.exe, can print a list of files and their sizes, both compressed and uncompressed. This is done using the l flag.

Use this command:

7z.exe l path\folder.zip

You can also include wildcard which gives the overall total for all archives in a folder:

7z.exe l path\*.zip
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