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I'm using Magento which works great other then the 404 when I'm trying to enter CMS/Pages in the navigation.
All other pages work great and even other items in CMS menu, only Pages gives 404.
What should I do?

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Do you have any extensions enabled, and have you modified the core system in any way? – Joseph Mastey Oct 5 '10 at 18:27
Check if CMS url include index.php, if not try to add it. – xyz Feb 21 '11 at 10:05

Had this exact problem..

You are getting a 404 on CMS pages because of the remains of old store views still hanging around in the database after deleting store views from Magento admin, to clean up ( delete ) old unused CMS pages for store views you have deleted run this MySQL query.

DELETE FROM cms_page_store WHERE store_id NOT IN (SELECT store_id FROM core_store)

You could also use an app like phpmyadmin to manually look for CMS entries that have store IDs that you know not to be in use, but this could get messy.

Original source:

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Thanks mate. Somebody please mark this answer as accepted. – Raja Amer Khan Jan 27 at 8:50
It is perfectly working.Please mark this answer accepted.It is really helpful. – rajausman haider May 13 at 4:11

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