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I have a connection open and am doing:

values = [1, 'test']
connection.return_response_as_xml = true
response = connection.send(method_name.to_sym(), *values)

and that works fine and all. but I want to see the raw request sent across... is this possible?

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I'd recommend using Savon (http://github.com/rubiii/savon) if possible. I know Savon will log the request and the response by default.

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Seconded. Savon is a lot nicer to work with. –  vonconrad Oct 6 '10 at 0:12

I use the following to write my xml requests and responses to the console.

service = WebServiceSoap.new
service.wiredump_dev = STDERR;
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It's been ages since I worked with soap4r (I do all SOAP work with Savon these days), but as far as I can remember this should do the trick:

connection.wiredump_file_base = 'log/soap/' # or whatever directory you want log files in

Bear in mind that with this, the log files will be overwritten with each call.

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