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I' trying to remove a file in a remote repository with a space character.

svn delete -m "Deleting file" "https://svn.xyz.edu/applications/workshop/H Y P W 2011_2.pdf"

I get the error

svn: URL 'https://svn.xyz.edu/applications/workshop/H%2520Y%2520P%2520W%25202011_2.pdf' does not exist

How to resolve this problem and delete the file?

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For some reason it appears to be trying to double URI encode the URL. It changes the space to %20, then changes the % to its encoded value %25, giving you %2520.

Try putting the %20 in there yourself:

svn delete -m "Deleting file" "https://svn.xyz.edu/applications/workshop/H%20Y%20P%20W%202011_2.pdf"
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If you are using TortoiseSVN, please use Delete command in local, then commit to SVN. I tried in my side, it's working.

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SVN command line option is the kind of answer expected. –  ronnyfm Oct 31 '13 at 23:41

Yeah, this is a really old question but this bit me today, so here's the answer.

You may be tripping over bug #3636 in subversion, which was fixed in subversion 1.6.12

So upgrade subversion to 6.1.12 or better if you're on an old version.

Can't upgrade for some reason ? All is not lost. You can rename the directory so it has no spaces and then delete that directory

svn mv "https://svn.xyz.edu/url with spaces" https://svn.xyz.edu/urlwithoutspaces -m "subversion issue #3636"

svn delete https://svn.xyz.edu/urlwithoutspaces
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svn delete -m "Deleting file" "https://svn.xyz.edu/applications/workshop/H%20Y%20P%20W%202011_2.pdf"

which will URL encode the spaces properly.

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Try manually inserting the encoded space character:



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SVN 1.1+ should allow spaces, and versions prior required you to escape spaces manually with %20 - see subversion.apache.org/docs/release-notes/1.1.html –  Keith Oct 6 '10 at 13:42

why don't you check out the repo and commit the delete?

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