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I'm writing a program(just for learning purposes, I want to learn C++) in the Qt framework. Is it possible to get how many monitors are connected to my computer and make the program start on different monitor? I want to have an option in the Properties menu where I can tell on which monitor to show the program.

I could not find anything in the Qt developer wiki, maybe you guys can help me with documention on how to do this?


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You can use QDesktopWidget to identify how many screens you have attached to your computer and then to retrieve the geometry of each screen:

if (desktopWidget->screenCount() > 1)
    QRect geom = desktopWidget->screenGeometry(1);
    // do something useful with this information

You may also want to check to see if it's a virtual desktop, but that may not matter to your users.

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I think your links need updating. –  sje397 Jul 30 '13 at 5:05

You can get the number of monitors and the total screen size with QDesktopWidget eg.

QDesktopWidget *desktop = QApplication::desktop();
if ( 1==desktop->screenCount()  ) {
    // single monitor - use built in
} else {    
    QRect rect = desktop->screenGeometry(1);
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