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How can I change a .properties file in maven depending on my profile? Depending on whether the application is built to run on a workstation or the datacenter parts of the file change (but not all).

Currently I manually change the .properties file within the .war file after hudson builds each version.

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As often, there are several ways to implement this kind of things. But most of them are variations around the same features: profiles and filtering. I'll show the most simple approach.

First, enable filtering of resources:


Then, declare a place holder in your src/main/resources/, for example:

myprop1 = somevalue
myprop2 = ${}

Finally, declare properties and their values in a profile:


And run maven with a given profile:

$ mvn process-resources -Denv=dev
[INFO] Scanning for projects...
$ cat target/classes/ 
myprop1 = somevalue
myprop2 = othervalue

As I said, there are variation around this approach (e.g. you can place values to filter in files), but this will get you started.


More resources

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To the point! excellent – Ahmad Hashem Apr 21 at 9:20

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