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I want to encode/decode a string in AS3:

var string:String = "This is an text";

encode(string) will give for example: yuioUasUenUwdfr.
decode(encoded(string)) will give: This is an text.
It does not have to be secure or anything.

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I would suggest either base64 or rot13 encoding. There are many AS3 implementations for each. Google will provide.

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ROT13 looks fine. Any idea this will work with special chars (*&^%$#) too? –  Allard Oct 5 '10 at 23:13
This is the lib he's referring to: –  UltimateBrent Oct 6 '10 at 0:36

Another option is using a XOR cypher, with a key. This method is totally breakable, of course, but it takes a bit more work, so for obscuring your text it should be fine.

Here's a simple implementation. (It uses hurlant's Base64 encoder; This is just to make it binary-safe, not to add more obscurity)

import com.hurlant.util.Base64;

function applyXor(inputBuffer:ByteArray,key:String):ByteArray {
    var outBuffer:ByteArray = new ByteArray();

    var keysBuffer:ByteArray = new ByteArray();

    var offset:int = 0;
    var inChar:int;
    var outChar:int;
    var bitMask:int;

    while(inputBuffer.bytesAvailable) {
        offset  = inputBuffer.position % keysBuffer.length;
        inChar  = inputBuffer.readUnsignedByte();

        bitMask = keysBuffer[offset];

        outChar = bitMask ^ inChar;     


    return outBuffer;

function encode(input:String,key:String):String {
    var inputBuffer:ByteArray = new ByteArray();
    inputBuffer.position = 0;
    var out:ByteArray = applyXor(inputBuffer,key);
    return Base64.encodeByteArray(out);

function decode(input:String,key:String):String {
    var inputBuffer:ByteArray = Base64.decodeToByteArray(input);
    var out:ByteArray = applyXor(inputBuffer,key);
    out.position = 0;
    return out.readUTFBytes(out.length);

var str:String = "This is some text. Let's add non-ascii chars like Ñ,à,ü, etc, just to test it.";
var key:String = "whatever &^%$#";
var encoded:String = encode(str,key);
var decoded:String = decode(encoded,key);

trace(decoded == str);
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Thanks, guys! Got it up and running with com.hurlant.util.Base64.

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if you're building an AIR application, you can encrypt your data with the EncryptedLocalStore class.

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