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Does anyone know of IPv6 raw socket libraries, and the associated languages? Specifically I am looking to be able to craft any arbitrary IPv6 package and put it on the wire. Does this exist yet?

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I’m not knowledgeable enough to put this into an answer as such (if it helps you, feel free to answer your own question), but libpcap ( is the best way to construct and send specially crafted packets. – Jeremy Visser Oct 6 '10 at 7:21

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I would start by taking a look at scapy and packETH. If you are open to using [expensive] commercial products, an IXIA chasis will probably do most things you'd want to do.

If you just want raw IPv6 sockets, this is already well supported in C using any modern operating system. For example, the ping6 program in the iputils Linux package uses raw sockets. It sounds like you want a bit more than this, though. ;-)

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What I ended up looking at:



pcaprub (currently maintained by the metasploit team, and current versions are in the metasploit trunk)

kernel c libraries/headers for osx and linux

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