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I have a mysql table with a datetime column. I want to fetch rows which are older than 24 hours but younger than 48 hours. Ive gone through the date time function not quite sure how to approach this or what to do in general.

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 WHERE t.datetime_column < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 24 HOUR)
   AND t.datetime_column > DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 48 HOUR)
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I was inspired to format my SQL like yours after you answered some of my SQL queries (haha, bad pun). Therefore, my (deleted) answer looks very similar to yours! –  alex Oct 6 '10 at 2:09
@alex: Thx, I just figure the easier it is to read--the easier it'll be to understand. Still, you can't be doing that bad if you come to the same answer. ...or, we both misunderstood the question =) –  OMG Ponies Oct 6 '10 at 2:17
I also got my head around DATE_SUB() and its friends based on some of your answers - so thank you! –  alex Oct 6 '10 at 2:22
@OMGPonies thanks it helped me also! –  Peeyush Apr 16 '12 at 5:42
The BETWEEN clause can build a more readable sentence: SELECT * FROM YOUR_TABLE t WHERE t.datetime_column between DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 24 HOUR) and DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 48 HOUR) –  fguillen Jan 15 '13 at 14:53

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