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Hi I am new to php eclipse and I have a question about my eclipse interface..

According to the pictures I saw on the internet, the keyword for php will be colored (mysql_connect, echo...etc). However, every words in my php file are plain black. There are no colored keyword. I am sure my file is saved as .php. How would i solve this problem. Thanks for the help....


I installed my eclipse from my software center. I guess that's not the php version. I removed it and tried to download the all-in-one php package. When I unzip and clicked the eclipse file, it said need jdk installation. After I installed my jdk and fired up the eclipse, I can see the php eclipse title in my eclipse, but the keywords are still black....any ideas how to solve this? Thanks

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Are you sure you downloaded the version of eclipse bundled with PHP support? –  NullUserException Oct 6 '10 at 3:35

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You have to install PDT plugin for eclipse

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You might want to install Aptana (Which is Eclipse based) with the PHP Plugin

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