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When I use SetMenuInfo to change background color of MenuBar it works under Windows XP,but doesn't work under Windows 7.What is the reason?How can I solve the problem?

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This is probably a theming issue. If you switch to classic theme, the background colour change will probably start working again but the normal default themes don't allow this option to work. I think a few controls have changed in this way with theming. I'm surprised you don't see the problem in XP though - I thought that had themes too, although it is a very long time since i've used XP.

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No, XP does not theme the menus, all it added was "flat menus" (1 pixel border around the selection in another color, and XP itself gets that wrong in several places. See…) – Anders Oct 8 '10 at 23:23

You can set MainMenu to OwnerDraw and your effect will take place.

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