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I'm tearing my hair out on this one so thought I'd ask over here. I'd like a PHP script that will allow me to broadcast my audio files over HTTP like a radio station.

I've tried xmoovstream and its great but I can't figure out if it can be set up to broadcast audio radio-like. It currently only allows me to stream audio, i'd like it to allow me to start a track and add listeners at anytime in the track playback.

Has anyone any pointers or suggestions?

Many Thanks, Benny

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your link not working –  Pratik Butani - AndroidButs Jan 22 '14 at 4:21

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Maybe you could check out some specialized streaming software instead, like Shoutcast or the like.

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thanks for the advice Emil. I tried quite a few things, ffmpeg and vlc included but couldn't get what I need working. I might come back to this problem again but for now I've got other projects to work on. Thanks again! –  bennythemink Oct 28 '10 at 1:20

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