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I am trying to extract blocks of JSON data from a data stream in the following format:


    {JSON data string of variable length}

The stream contains many instances of the above pattern and the length of JSON data in each instance is different, as indicated by the preceeding Content-Length header.

I wish to create a Regex that matches each of the content length header values and uses it to match the associated content block. I envisage something like this ...


... but I'm not sure how to specify the quantifier for the CONTENT group as a dynamic value.

Note: although the headers are on separate lines and the content is separated from the headers by a blank line, there is no linefeed after the content, so it is not possible to use this to determine the end of content.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks, Tim

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Regular expressions match strings, not numbers, and therefore they can't take a part of the string, convert it to a number, and reapply it within the same regex.

You'd have to do it in several steps:

  1. Match the header, extract the length value
  2. Build a new regex like @"(?<HEADER>...)(?<CONTENT>.{" + length + "})"
  3. Reapply that regex and extract the contents.
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Thanks - I guess I was expecting too much. I can see that your approach will work (hence I have accepted your answer), but I was hoping that Regex would offer something that would extract many matches in a single operation. –  Tim Coulter Oct 6 '10 at 17:52

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