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I have a pcap captured with Wireshark. Is there any function in Wireshark that will strip Ethernet layer from the result? Or any command line tool to do it?

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I searched a bit more about pcap editors, and I found that this works:

$ bittwiste -I a.pcap -O b.pcap -M 12 -D 1-14

-M 12 sets link type to RAW
-D 1-14 deletes bytes 1-14 in link data layer (Etherenet frame is 14 bytes long)

When I open up result in Wireshark I see "Raw packet data (No link information available)" and IP frame below. So this is what I needed.

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Thanks to your answer, I have been able to remove only the PPP layer from a capture: bittwiste -I a.pcap -O b.pcap -D 14-21; bittwiste -I b.pcap -O c.pcap -T eth -t ip –  dbernard Aug 30 '12 at 18:35

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