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Hello I am using JSON.stringify for an array of arrays, and it returns this:

  ["<span pt=\"7.5\" idfont=\"Humnst777 Cn BT-Bold\">Javelin</span>","0","0"],
  ["<span idfont=\"Humnst777 Cn BT-Bold\">Javelin&co</span>","0","0"]

It is correct but i have to use encodeURIComponent (& present) to post this value with js. The problem is that when I get this data in POST from php with $boxes=json_decode($_POST['data']) it seems to remove slashes eg. pt=\"7.5\" -> pt="7.5" destroying the json object giving this result:

["<span pt="7.5" idfont="Humnst777 Cn BT-Bold" >Javelin</span>","0","0"]
["<span pt="7.5" idfont="Humnst777 Cn BT-Bold" >Javelin&</span>","0","0"]


Does any one how to avoid this problem? thanks

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Don't you have magic_quotes activated ? http://www.php.net/manual/en/security.magicquotes.php

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Try rawurlencode and rawurldecode instead. Ref this for more details

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