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In python, I wrote this:


I'm trying to expand bvar to the function call as arguments. But then it return,

File "./unobsoluttreemodel.py", line 65
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

What just happen? It should be correct right?

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If you want to pass the last argument as a tuple of (mnt, False, bvar[0], bvar[1], ...) you could use

temp = self.treemodel.insert(iter, 0, (mht,False)+tuple(bvar) )

The extended call syntax *b can only be used in calling functions, function arguments, and tuple unpacking on Python 3.x.

>>> def f(a, b, *c): print(a, b, c)
>>> x, *y = range(6)
>>> f(*y)
1 2 (3, 4, 5)

Tuple literal isn't in one of these cases, so it causes a syntax error.

>>> (1, *y)
  File "<stdin>", line 1
SyntaxError: can use starred expression only as assignment target
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Right, the * resolution operator is not allowed for creating tuples. –  AndiDog Oct 6 '10 at 8:51

Not it isn't right. Parameters expansion works only in function arguments, not inside tuples.

>>> def foo(a, b, c):
...     print a, b, c
>>> data = (1, 2, 3)
>>> foo(*data)
1 2 3

>>> foo((*data,))
  File "<stdin>", line 1
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
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You appear to have an extra level of parentheses in there. Try:


Your extra parentheses are trying to create a tuple using the * syntax, which is a syntax error.

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