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Here's the situation; below is a piece of PHP code which is frequently reused.

if (! isset($_REQUEST['process_form'])
   // render form
   echo "<form>";
   // snipped

   // important bit! Remember which id we are processing
   echo "<input hidden='id' value='$id'>";

   // snipped
} else {
  // process the form

I wish to encapsulate this into a function, akin to

  class ProcessForm() {
   function execute(array $request, $id) { };

The issue here is; the $id parameter is only needed when rendering the form. When processing the form after a user input or through an AJAX handler, I don't need the $id at all.

How could I refactor to get rid of the optional variable $id?

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(related) What's wrong with using $_REQUEST –  Gordon Oct 6 '10 at 8:58
Hence which is why I am refactoring. The execute function of ProcessForm takes in a generic array, not necessary $_REQUEST –  Extrakun Oct 6 '10 at 16:09

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Optional parameters in PHP works like so

function example($id = NULL)
        echo '$id was omitted';
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