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I am new to weld and consider what environment is useful for a web-application using CDI (Weld). I want to use JSF or Wicket for presentation and JPA/Hibernate for my persistence layer (including Transaction-Management). The obvious scenario is to use a JBoss or Glassfish application server with EJB3 surrounding, but is there not a chance to use tomcat or other “lightweight” servlet-containers in a sensible way? Or is it absurd to try to develop a CDI-webapplication without surround of EJB/Seam?
I am interested in some user-experience!

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There is the unportable extension Servlet support for Weld.

Here you can find how to setup the environment in order to have CDI working on tomcat.

(As a sidenote, I'd share my disappointment that CDI hasn't actually been specified so that it can run in any environment. So (as you can see on the above page) many unportable extensions start to appear, and that's exactly what the JBoss guys are accusing spring of)

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